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SAVE 75 % of your Architects fees

With dynamic pre-planned packages including phasing options and add-ons to customize your home. A Professional Architectural package with full project details

SAVE up to 25 % off your Building Cost 

With our cost efficient yet dynamic design utilizing our developed and streamlined practical building methodology. Great aesthetic and detail but avoiding complex engineering methods. Careful and efficient use of space with proper room sizes. 

Preview Our Flexi Home Plan Range 

FlexiHomePlan is the latest and ideal modern house plan scheme online. You can select from a variety of modern contemporary house plans with dynamic exterior styles ranging from 50 square meters up to 800 square meters.  We have 16 adaptable home plan packages to choose from.

You may phase your house using the pre-planned extensions. Start off with an affordable 2 or 3 Bedroom house plan  Then add on later as your family and income grow. Modern Green design to adjust to your needs. See the perspectives and videos for a full visual experience . The plans will show comfortable room sizes that can be properly and spaciously furnished.  All plans were designed by our Architectural Firm with over 28 years of experience and are adapted from the most successful home plans.


A Flexihome plan package combines sustainable design planning parameters with all the new SANS statuary compliant regulations. This together with the uniquely allocated flexible growth options, gives you a full gambit of a professional architectural service for 75% less than regular architects fees and you receive a full design and drawing package.



On every house plan type there is an overall square meterage. You can establish the house size that is best suited to your needs. All the home plans are shown with furniture layouts which will assist you in understanding the room sizes and scale. Plans show  overall distances of the house to select the plan shape that best fit on your stand size. 

Watch the Concept Videos 

Discounts    30 - 35%   

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