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About Flexi Home Plan

Flexi Home Plan is occasioned and inspired by current market predicaments and the need to bring a practical resolution to choosing an architect and a home plan. There is a tighter world market and a little more challenge in acquiring adequate credit facilities from banks. So a Flexi Home Plan gives the ability and advantage to select a package where there is adaptability to phase your home building to suit your cash flow. This will assist you as you grow or achieve your goal direction. You have the option to offer credit or bank facilitators with a less demanding credit facility request by starting with a slightly reduced option or first phase within the selected plan choice, yet still maintain the design and home you choose and work toward. A phasing option that you may transition into without incurring any future drawing costs, transfer or bond costs, or the hassle and expenses of moving when you need more space.


On a deeper level, the adaptability of these home designs should support the need to give order, set achievable goals, and even simplify our life in the material and consumerist culture that has steadily taken over good reason and common sense.

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About the Owner / Architect


Brad Stein's Architectural Studios  has successfully designed and completed over 450 Projects in the past 28 years. These include a number of medium sized Shopping Centers, Educational Facilities, Cluster Home and Town House Developments, Custom designed Residences, Renovations and Additions to buildings and family homes. Brad is a designer and problem solver. He combines  sole and  spirit into warmhearted planned spaces. Maturity has taught him to offer support when its needed throughout a project.  All plans are produced with Computer Aided Design and accompanied with a detailed specification of the works.

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