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Series i Futuristic

Series i Futuristic

The i series is an amazing futuristic style house. A simplex unit extremely well planned that provides Open Plan Living area including a double volume at its centre with clearstory windows on all sides bringing light into the internal envelope. Bedrooms are arranged privately at the four corners of the house each with its own Bathroom.   

You can start at 198 square meters as the perfect modern 3 Bedroom starter home and can build up to a very comfortable large family home of 295 sqm which includes a full cottage. The house is designed with sustainable and energy efficiant parameters and can be developed into a 6 star rated green building. All phases are sold as one single package for those who whish to phase their building.


Phase 1 total meterage     198 sqm

Phase 2 total meterage     250 sqm

Phase 3 total meterage     295 sqm




    • Detailed colour Sketch Plans
    • Large colour 3D views
    • Detailed Construction plans - working drawings
    • All SANS compliant with required building notes.
    • Electrical Layouts, Window schedules.
    • A full Specifications document
    • Required Council and SANS regulation forms
    • Certificate of registered persons for ease of submission
    • All PDF files and (ACAD dwg files if ordered)

    It is important to note that no building plans can be returned to Flexi Home Plan after delivery, Please make the correct decision regarding size, overall dimensions, direction of entry, orientation etc. before ordering your plans.

    Should you wish to exchange a purchased plan please contact Flexi Home Plan directly via email.


    Flexi Home Plan will send digital PDF and ACAD plans and documents by email within 3 to 7 days after payment is received. We use various courier companies to ship hard copy plans to designated addresses. Time periods vary between 7 – 10 days depending on your location.  


    Strict Copyright subsists in the Title, Plans, Layout, Room Configeration, Architectural Concept and System used, Elevational Treatment , Finish and all other manner of Intellectual rights inherent in the Authors Works  as is also governed by the Copy right act.   Any Person found to have copied or offended the Author / Architect is liable by Governmental Courts jurisdiction to have such copied versions revoked  and to pay costs and penalties to the original author . It is therefore obligatory to purchace the Plan/s required  and the right to use same for its intended commercial purpose only.


    • You can select whether you want PDF printable files of drawings or whether you wish us to include the original Acad DWG files. DWG files are only usefull to make structural changes to the original file with the aid of a Autocad Program.
    • You can select whether you want to Print drawings out yourself  at a Print Shop . Prints can be made to A2 or A1 format or whether you want us to mail you the detailed construction plans - 3 full sets with 1 colour coded submission set per regulations for Council submission.
    • You can select whether you want your unit to be as seen in the diagrams or the same unit in its mirrored version.
    • You can select whether you want a schedule of Materials and Cost or not

R11 000,00 Regular Price
R7 700,00Sale Price

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